Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Margaret's Barbed Roses - A Quote for Getting Back to Writing

Quote by Sappho
The quote above, which I rediscovered on my unused Tumblr blog, I thought was a perfect fit for my story, "Roses For Margaret", as it expresses how my main character has to be patient to find meaningful love with a woman, the thorns representing her old loves that proved to be painful and unsuccessful. That's how I read into the quote and spun it to have a likeness to my own novel - I am no expert on Ancient Greece or Sappho by any means, so my take on it may be incorrect, but I find this quote fascinating. I think a lot of sapphic women can relate to this idea of waiting for an idyllic love - or a less thorny rose - to come along, after a series of unhappy relationships, or to keep calm under adversity from society.

It awakened my excitement to get back to writing my books, but at the same time, it made me rather nervous due to how difficult Margaret is to write. To combat my slight anxiety at opening my "Roses For Margaret" file for the first time since about June, I thought it would be best to start with reviewing the plot outline, then write a poem to get back into the swing of things.

Dewy Roses at the Park - © Ellie Morris

This is the synopsis so far, though I may add to it at some point:
Platonic, was a very good word to describe her relationship with Evangeline Bassett, thought Margaret. In class they had been studying the different types of love, and Margaret had come to the realisation that her love for Evangeline was platonic. She fixated on that word with a passion, and at the same time acknowledged that she loved Evangeline with all her heart. It would never do to love a girl with more than Plato’s ideals in mind, she thought, and pushed all her summer love dreams to the back of her mind. Besides, she thought; I’m not a lesbian; she looked upon the word with disgust and thinly veiled interest, like a dead bird on the corner of the road, rotting yet fascinating in a distant, morbid kind of way. Through love and life, Margaret is faced with many trials, each person as confusing and complex as the next.

Transitional Rose  - © Ellie Morris
Let's see how that goes! I received some books on writing for my birthday, so I'm going to see if they inspire me and get me out of my block. I have so many ideas, and am getting new ones every day, but unfortunately not many for the book I'm actually trying to write! Anybody else have that problem?

Fading Light  - © Ellie Morris
I just want to get some content out there and hammer away at my keyboard for a short while before moving on to other tasks! It sounds simple, but my muse for Margaret seems to have escaped through the window in my down time. These comments on my book probably don't make the story sound promising, but I'm hoping that the story that gives me the most trouble will turn out to be one of my most successful novels - fingers crossed!

I have also included some photos of the roses at a nearby park that I took a couple of Sundays ago on a stroll with my family. The light was fading as the nights draw in, so I got a kind of scenic, cold but soft atmosphere - or at least I think so. I love orange roses (or any colour really), so there are two of them!
I hope you like the pictures, and feel free to follow by clicking the blue button at the side!


P.S. Time seems to have slipped me by a bit for posting, as it was my 19th birthday on Sunday, and I had a busy day yesterday, so I'm still recovering from all the social activity! I want to post more regularly, at least once a week.

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