About the Author

Ellie Morris, author of When the Summer Ends (January 2016), was born in England, 1998, and has been creating and imagining stories as long as she can remember, filling her time with characters and flights of fantasy. The central focus of her work is LGBT romance and drama, with historical or often exaggerated settings, and vivid imagery, leaving readers on an emotional thrill ride. Themes introduced in her fiction include self-discovery, sexuality, loneliness, mental illness, disability, and love. Inspired by different eras, Ellie pairs human sexuality and love with views of the past.
As well as writing stories and poems, Ellie also has a passion for art, sewing and reading, and loves all things about history and alternative fashion. Her characters reflect these interests, often not blending into their surroundings as seamlessly as they would have liked, and expressing the worries, frights, and joys that Ellie has experienced. All of Ellie’s works include a little bit of herself, part of her history, fantasy, and deepest regrets.

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