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When the Summer Ends (January 2016)

A tale of love and friendship set in the 1950s, When the Summer Ends tackles society’s views of the times.

Aika Rowland is a young lady affected by Asperger's, and struggling to live her life; her famous family has its own problems and often she is overlooked, finding it hard to fit in with her outlandish clothes and strange mannerisms. That is, until she meets rough, tough Greaser girl, Cherry Knox, the girl who shows her what love is really about.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Friendship, LGBT, Historical, 1950's

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Reviews From Amazon

☆☆☆☆☆ When the Summer Ends by Ellie Morris is well-written and shows a lot of issues at hand that our society faces today. As a reader, I could sympathize with the characters. A family going through many issues. Issues like an older brother being gay, a father who can’t stand up to his demanding wife, and the daughter struggling with who she is and developing an attraction to another female. This was indeed an emotional thrill ride. As each character went through their issues and self-discoveries. But despite all that was happening the siblings supported one another. That made me feel good. Gender issues as well as sexuality and racism were also other issues that were brilliantly brought up within this historical read. Quite a journey to go through. Never a dull moment. Love isn’t something that we can box up and define. It’s something that changes as life evolves. Love isn’t hatred. Ellie Morris brings these themes into her highly entertaining world of fiction. Overall, I recommend this new title to readers everywhere. — Danielle Urban

☆☆☆☆☆ I loved this book! There was vividness in the imagery and the loneliness of the main heroine, Aika, is tangible and poignant. A misfit, dreamer and in possession of a distinct voice, her point of view is interesting and her struggles relatable. I especially loved the maid, Cissy, and the relationship the two share. I’m looking forward to her new adventures in the sequel, Mansions of Glass. — Rosa

☆☆☆☆☆ I really loved reading this book! It’s beautiful and well-written, and issues that are still relevant and relatable today. I really liked how the relationship between Aika and Carrie was written, and I can’t wait for the next book to see what happens next! — Amazon Customer

☆☆☆☆ Ellie Morris’ ‘When the Summer Ends’ it’s a complex, well structured novel. It can be called a love story, a Bildungsroman, a story about diversity and acceptance, a social critique which, despite the events of the book taking place in the fifties, is still quite actual nowadays. Its main strength lies undoubtedly in the characters–the main characters Aika Rowland and her friends and family. A good deal of the story is narrated by Aika herself, and her unique perspective of the events happening to and around her is charming and interesting, as she recounts her family’s move to America and her more personal journey discovering her sexual identity and dealing with Aspergers Syndrome. However, other characters assume the role of the narrative voice throughout the book, each of them a fully rounded individual whose unique and distinctive take of the events gives the reader a deeper understanding of the relationships between the various characters and the underlying plot.
In short, When the Summer Ends’ is an interesting, well-written and quite original novel. A recommended read for anyone looking for a good book, especially so for those readers who are interested in reading original LGBT romances. — Amazon Customer

☆☆☆☆☆ This book is so unique in its story. It’s amazingly written, the first couple of chapters just had me hooked! I would defiantly recommend. — Amazon Customer

Mansions of Glass (June 2016)

Aika Rowland, struggling with undiagnosed Asperger's, has always known what it is like to be alone. But not quite like this. Locked away in her quarters of an 18th Century chateau by her domineering, abusive mother, Aika is left to her own devices of imagination and the letters from her long-distance lover, Carrie Knox, to keep her sane.
Disowned by his mother, Buddy Rowland is torn between his love for men and loyalty to his family. Kept apart from his younger sister and the rest of the unit for being a bad influence, he must leave France before his chances of love diminish.
A tale of two runaway teens from a problematic, dysfunctional family, Aika and Buddy set off to find their own idea of happiness and normality.

Genres: Drama, Romance, LGBT, Historical, 1960's-70's

NOTE: This novella is the second book after When the Summer Ends; I would recommend you read WtSE before this story.

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☆☆☆☆ ‘Mansions of Glass’ is the second in a duology set around a family of two children, both of whom suffer under the wrath of their vengeful mother. Deciding to take their fate into their own hands, the pair set out to find their own happy endings.
I enjoyed ‘Mansions of Glass’ for a variety of reasons. The characters were all engaging and sympathetic, and the plot, although initially slow-moving, was well thought out and interesting. The emotions and feelings that are portrayed throughout the novella are well written and do an impressive job of making you empathise with the characters, Akia in particular. The author obviously has well researched the topics within the book and I found her enthusiasm towards period costumes rather catching.
I found the book to be an entertaining read, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend. — Izzy M.

* Please note that there are only English versions of my books for sale, as of yet! Maybe one day they will be translated to other languages.
Also note that some websites say that there are "illustrations". The only illustrations are on the covers so far.

Coming Soon!

Roses For Margaret:

Platonic, was a very good word to describe her relationship with Evangeline Bassett, thought Margaret. In class they had been studying the different types of love, and Margaret had come to the realisation that her love for Evangeline was platonic. She fixated on that word with a passion, and at the same time acknowledged that she loved Evangeline with all her heart. It would never do to love a girl with more than Plato’s ideals in mind, she thought, and pushed all her summer love dreams to the back of her mind. Besides, she thought; I’m not a lesbian; she looked upon the word with disgust and thinly veiled interest, like a dead bird on the corner of the road, rotting yet fascinating in a distant, morbid kind of way. 
Through love and life, Margaret is faced with many trials, each person as confusing and complex as the next.

Genres: Friendship, Romance, LGBT, Modern day


Maxime de Faye is a child-star, trapped in an adult’s world. Twelve and naive, he falls into a nest of vipers when his beauty, vivacity, and natural talent captures the interest of a director, giving him the opportunity to begin his dream cinema career in Paris. First came the excitement of his impending fame and fortune, but he is soon knocked flat on his back, to the mercy of the city and all those that would surround and tower over him, when he realises that his role brings about more than just the ordinary admiration and applause that he craved in the beginning… 
Despite being disgusted by and afraid of the older men that would not hesitate to prey on him in his new and unusual environment, Maxime finds himself very attracted to and curious about his co-star, Leopold Ronis, an older boy of eighteen years. In turn, his puppy love is requited by Ronis, who despite keeping the boy out of harm’s way and ensuring that the relationship between them on set is chaste, secretly lusts after him just as much as the other men in their circle. 
Maxime’s films and performance may be otherworldly, but reality can be jarring in the head space of young teenage boy who is overworked, bombarded with the responsibility of an adult three times his age, and forced to smile despite feeling lonely in a world filled with countless names and faces. 
Only the support and love of his younger sister, Leone, and boyfriend, Leopold, manages to drag him from deep despair and broken confidence, and Maxime realises that dreams and ambitions can be outgrown.

Genres: LGBT, Drama, Romance, Historical, 1960's-70's

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