A collection of original photographs and illustrations that I think show the spirit of both my books, and myself. You can see images of the characters, scenes, potentially settings, and my own personal style assembled here.
Credits are given for the art and photographs below, if they are not my own.

When the Summer Ends and Mansions of Glass

Cover art of When the Summer Ends and Mansions of Glass, by Nami A. Llamas
The delightful art for my When the Summer Ends and Mansions of Glass covers were created by a very talented artist called Nami, or "sugarnami" as she is known as online. She has captured the looks of my characters Aika and Buddy extremely well, and made a wonderful composition which was exactly what I wanted, and better than I imagined! I cannot recommend her for commissions enough. Please go follow her on Instagram, and check out her beautiful, sugar sweet Etsy store! As well as original digital and traditional art commissions, I also know that she makes stunning, high quality and vibrant bookmarks and watercolour drawings.

Roses For Margaret

Characters Margaret and Evangeline. Left: cover by Nami. Right: concept illustration by Ellie Morris
The cover for Roses For Margaret, designed and illustrated by Nami, is seen on the left. On the right is my concept illustration, drawn in 2014, based on the characters from my novel-in-progress, which deals with growing up in an all-girls school, same-sex attraction/first love and illness. It will be coming out either in the spring of 2018, or slightly earlier. Please see my "Books" tab for the synopsis!

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