Sunday, 19 November 2017

Poetry: To Snatch the Moon

Fairy Moon - © Ellie Morris
To Snatch the Moon:
Dazzling, Olympian, full fairy moon,
Solid and gilded, like silver spoon.
Fractions of light reflect on puddles of ice,
Mournful, tender, ignorant of vice.
Her peaceful watch over civilians below,
Guiding strangers with sky aglow.
Deep, dark dusky clouds sail to spirit her away,
“Throw her in prison, hide her, make her pay!”
Squashing her radiant shine, flooding paths with darkness.
Pitch black, ghastly, ensnared by starkness.
Held hostage by the sky, she seeks asylum behind the sea.
Back to nightfall’s silence; swirling, dim reality.
Stars may flicker and burst, and fruit bats soar,
But the Celestial Goddess to rule the sky, is no more.
-- Ellie Morris

I had a go at some more poetry the other day, and it turns out that I rather enjoy rhyming verses. Usually I don't bother with rhyme, but I'm not really sure why now, as I found this really simple and fun to do despite it being a rather straightforward, no-nonsense verse.
The main inspiration behind this was from a week ago, when I went downstairs past midnight to spend time with my dog, as I couldn't sleep. On the landing there is a big window overlooking the street, and I caught sight of the full moon reflected in a puddle. It was so bright and clear reflected in the water, that I watched it until some clouds covered the moon and removed the sight.
Oh, and sorry for the blurry photograph - I had a hard time focusing my camera because of the low light!


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