Sunday, 30 September 2018

Poem: Beloved Grave

I thought I'd try something different. I haven't written a poem for a while, but I've had an idea about making "cut-up word" poems with discarded film photographs and vintage books, and it wouldn't leave me alone all week - so I had to make it.

Beloved Grave - Ellie Morris

This particular poem was inspired by the hours I spent falling down a Royal family rabbit-hole on Wikipedia. I came across an article on Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine, who sadly died in 1903 at the age of eight; her death was caused by contracting typhoid fever at a family gathering with her cousins, and the details about her funeral and her father's devotion to her inspired me to write this.

I scribbled down my thoughts in my writing journal, then set to work finding the relevant words in an old torn book. Some letters had to be cobbled together as it was just taking far too long to find what I wanted, but I like the effect it gives!



  1. So sad and sweet. Beautiful flow. It just stabs you in the heart with the pain. Lovely work, Ellie!

    1. Thanks for all the kind words today, Rosa <3 You brightened my day a lot. I'm glad you think it flows well. :)

      To answer your question about the dollhouse (on Instagram) I have started one! As I'm looking at it now, the only things in it are a sausage dog figurine and a miniature dollhouse, haha. Do you have any particular tips for starting?

    2. I'm glad! I hope you did not have a trying day then, dearest... Are you going to post more poetry?
      Really??? Wonderful!!!! Got a picture of the building? Oh my gosh, this has got so much potential...XD Tips - more like questions:-) What century/style do you wish to portray there? Is it gonna be modern, Victorian? Who's gonna live there? What is the story of those people, any idea yet? What appeals to you aesthetically the most? For me it's a trial and error process to be honest and my dollhouse is far from what I want it to be. And also, I like to craft things myself, or use things my sister or family members made, so that I would have a memento of them, of the love I feel for them, so the dollhouse is very personal. If there is any advice I can give, it's experiment with it. Do some sketches to visualise it. Try to fit in some furniture to see if what's in your head is viable. (I have visualisation problems and it's difficult for me to imagine how much space something's gonna take, so for me these things are vital.) Also, not sure where you stand, but I've realised generic miniature furniture normally found in the stores for reasonable prices won't cut it for the Upstairs and I'll either have to handcraft something more interesting, or pay a lot of money for it. In other words, if you can, visualise it a lot before buying anything. It could save you money. Like, I bought two windows and a stately door that I have now no use for, because it's all in the wrong style... speaking of which, if you wouldn't find it weird... might you find some use for them for your dollhouse? Would you like to have a look?

  2. Would send them to you as a present if you like them, to get you started.

    1. I may do more of the same kind of thing! I might make it into a series, based around Victorian mourning and memento mori... What do you think?

      I'll send you a picture on Facebook. :) It's a very modest Ikea house à la flat-pack furniture, haha - but I guess that's good for beginning, and I can always customise and paint it as I like.
      Gosh, I'm excited to have you to fangirl with! :D You've brought up lots of good questions, and to be honest I haven't really thought about some of them! My mind is running wild with ideas and I'm not sure which to go with, which items will be easiest to find or make. Sketching things out and planning it before buying are great ideas.
      And yes, I love that about your dollhouse! The things you and your family make for it are all so intricate and you can really see the love in it. <3
      About the windows and door, that is so sweet of you and not weird at all! I'd love to see them, though my dollhouse doesn't actually have a 'front' piece - not yet, anyway. It's kind of 'open-plan', if you get me, and I'm debating whether crafting the front of the building would be a viable option. I've only worked with wood once, and that was in my first year of high school seven years ago. :D I wouldn't want to waste the windows and door if I find there's no way to install them, though I love the idea. What do you think?

      I have several ideas for the aesthetic and era of the house, but not sure which to choose yet:
      - Rich colours, gothic style furniture, mixed historical influences, such as in the style of Dennis Severs' house in Spitalfields. I'm completely in love with that house!
      - A kind of American clapboard, farmhouse, cosy cottage feel with shabby chic influences.
      - Straight up Victorian style - though I think this would be the hardest to do and get right...


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